JEE All India Test Series

Aspiring to join the ranks of top engineering institutes? Our All India Test Series (AITS) for JEE is designed by experts to align with the latest JEE exam pattern. With well-structured schedules and video solutions for every question, Abhijay AITS is your key to success.

    Why Choose Us

    Curated by Experts

    Crafted by industry experts with extensive experience.

    Based on Latest NEET Pattern

    Updated to reflect the most current exam trends and standards.

    Scheduled Tests

    Tests are planned and conducted as per a fixed schedule to maintain consistency in preparation.

    Video Solutions

    Detailed video solutions for every question to enhance understanding.

    What’s Special about Abhijay AITS For JEE?


    High Success Rate

    51% of our students have cleared JEE in previous years.


    High Question Similarity

    75% of our questions appear in the actual JEE exams, greatly improving your chances of success.


    Satisfied Students

    Over 80,000 students have used our test series with high satisfaction.


    Expert-Designed Papers

    Papers are designed by experienced professionals who understand the JEE exam inside out.

    Benefits of Abhijay AITS For JEE

    Targeted Preparation

    Identify your strengths and weaknesses to focus your study efforts where they are needed most.

    Increased Success Probability

    The high similarity of our questions to actual exam questions boosts your chances of success.

    Boosted Confidence

    Regular practice builds confidence and reduces exam anxiety.

    Enhanced Understanding

    Our video solutions provide deep insights and clear explanations to aid your learning process.


    Many students similar to you have trusted us and got success in previously held NEET examinations. We will definitely hold your hand and show the path for success to you.

    Ankit Sharma


    I enrolled in the Abhijay All India Test Series for JEE, and it was one of the best decisions I made during my preparation. The test papers are meticulously designed to match the latest JEE pattern, which helped me get accustomed to the actual exam format. The extensive question bank and the detailed video solutions for each question provided deep insights and cleared my concepts. The real-time rank analysis was a game-changer, helping me understand my standing and work on my weaknesses. Thanks to Abhijay AITS, I felt confident and well-prepared on exam day. Highly recommended!

    Priya Verma


    Abhijay AITS for JEE is a comprehensive and well-structured test series that truly stands out. The hassle-free registration process made it easy to get started, and the ability to access tests on my phone and laptop made studying convenient. The high-quality test papers closely resembled the actual JEE exam, and the detailed video solutions were incredibly helpful. The real-time ranking feature motivated me to improve consistently. I am grateful to the Abhijay AITS team for their support and guidance, which played a crucial role in my success in the JEE exam.

    Rohan Patel


    Using the Abhijay All India Test Series for JEE was an excellent experience. The test series is exceptionally well-designed, with questions that mirror the actual exam, helping me get a realistic feel of the JEE. The vast database of questions ensured that I was well-prepared for any type of question that could come up. The video solutions were detailed and easy to understand, making it easier to grasp complex concepts. The real-time rank feature provided invaluable feedback, helping me track my progress and focus on areas that needed improvement. Abhijay AITS significantly boosted my confidence and preparation level. I would highly recommend it to all JEE aspirants!

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